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We do this through awareness, education and recovery programs. Our team of communicators, educators and professional therapists work nationally to inform, inspire and to provide practical support to men, women and young people.



Naked Truth is the flagship initiative of a Christian Charity called Visible. Many of Naked Truth’s education and recovery programmes (including the PG workshop) are accessible to those of any faith or no faith. However some of our activities and resources have been created to specifically enable churches to talk about and tackle the issue of Pornography in their congregations and communities.

Programmes accessible to any or no faith include:

  • PG Workshops: 2 hour workshop for parents of children 8-18 offering practical advice on parenting in a digital age.
  • Naked Truth Schools: Our team of educators delivering lessons & presentations in secondary and primary schools.
  • Click to Kick: Confidential, online support groups for individuals struggling with a life controlling dependency on porn.
  • Partner Support Group: Confidential online peer support for partners of those with a life controlling dependency on porn. 
  • Training Days: Training sessions for school staff, youth workers, social workers.

Programmes resources developed specially for churches include:

  • The P Word conferences: National conferences and events for Church leaders & pastoral teams.
  • Refresh: A 6 session mentoring programme aimed at Christian teenagers.
  • Naked Truth Resources:  Books written & published by our team & associates. 
  • Naked Truth Relationships: Digital content for young adults seeking a Christian insight into singleness, dating and marriage.


Comments on Naked Truth's work

A fascinating, demanding and rewarding day, well researched, detailed and skilfully delivered
— P J Bienemen, Harrow School For Boys
Naked Truth has been extremely helpful to entire year groups of older pupils. This most difficult of issues, pornography, is tackled in a thoroughly professional and sensitive, but at the same time clear and confident manner.Through Naked Truth’s sessions, they are equipped with the facts and placed in an informed position from where they can be empowered to make sound choices in this area. I would thoroughly recommend Naked Truth without reservation.
— Christian Pountain, Dept Head, St. Christopher’s C.E. High School, Accrington
I love the depth, honesty and practical nature of Naked Truth’s training
— Ali Etheridge, Soulnet/Soul Survivor
I am grateful to the charity, Naked Truth, which attempts to help such addicts to recover from their addiction…I believe that one day such charities will receive the recognition that has been given to Alcoholics Anonymous and anti-smoking charities.
— Lord Bishop of Chester in House Lords Debate Nov 2015
A few months ago I started the Click to Kick group with Naked Truth and I can honestly say that no other course has had such a profound impact upon my recovery journey. The content of the course contains the clearest and most helpful information that I have ever received. This coupled with an encouraging mentor and group support, involving people that have become friends, who are also struggling with the same issues, has been nothing like I have ever encountered before.
— Recovery Group Member